Why You Should Use Fabric Softener in Your Laundry

Whether you like doing your own laundry or not, you just simply can't deny the need for clean clothes. Of course, the magic mostly happens in the washing machine with the help of the right laundry detergent. 

But what about fabric softener? Some people think it is an unnecessary step and that laundry detergent is more than enough to do the deed. But in reality, fabric softener actually offers a lot of benefits for your laundry.

Fabric Softener Helps Retain Colour

Washing your clothes in laundry detergent alone is enough to keep your clothes clean and odour-free. Unfortunately, it could reduce the colour of your clothes.

Fabric softeners, on the other hand, provide a protective layer that helps in the prevention of colour fading. So, if you want to keep your coloured clothes looking vibrant, you should use fabric softener.

Fabric Softener Keeps Your Fabric Soft and Smooth

Dryer sheets and liquid softeners soften your clothes effectively. This means you won't have to worry about your clothes feeling rough or scratchy.

When it comes to drying softener sheets, you can either let them get wet in the wash or use a dryer sheet after drying your clothes.

Fabric Softener Removes Static Electricity

Consistently using fabric softeners will prevent your clothes from feeling like you're wearing a wool sweater in the middle of summer.

Fabric softeners reduce static electricity by breaking down the starch in your fabric. So, if you hate static cling, you'll love fabric softener.

Fabric Softener Makes your Clothes Smell Great

Fabric softeners add a nice scent to your laundry. Whether you prefer a light scent or a strong one, various scents are available for fabric softener.

Many manufacturers even offer scents that will match your laundry detergent.

Fabric Softener Helps Laundry Dry Faster

Fabric softeners help your laundry dry faster in the dryer. This means you don't have to wait as long for your clothes to dry.

If you're counting on your dryer to do the job, it will surely be a lot more pleasant for you if you use a fabric softener in one of your loads.

Fabric Softener Helps Extend the Lifespan of Your Clothes

Although fabric softeners don't necessarily make your clothes last longer, they actually help maintain the overall life of your clothes.

So, if you're planning to hold on to an article of clothing over a long period of time, you should definitely use fabric softener.

That's because fabric softeners help remove buildup and prevent bacteria growth. They also help remove excess detergent or soap that would otherwise chemically break down the fibres. This means you can maintain your clothes even after numerous uses.

Final Thoughts

Fabric softeners are great for your clothes. Whether you want to keep your clothes looking vibrant and new or you simply want to get rid of static electricity, fabric softeners will surely come in handy. For best results, you can combine fabric softener with laundry detergent. That way, you will have clean, bacteria-free clothes that are both soft and smell great!

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