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Laundry Service Business Outsourcing Solutions for Hotel Linens, Towels, Sheets and many more.

To run a successful hotel, you'll need clean sheets, fresh room towels and absolutely stunning room for them to be instagrammable. However, handling laundry on your own (on premise laundry) is one of the costliest things to do. You have the laundry machines to upkeep, you need to pay wages for staff to handle the laundry and worst of all, there is a chance you could have improved your customer service.

Everyone knows that the tourist industry is set to constantly be booming with hotels making hundreds and thousands of bookings through innovative marketing ideas. In a hotel, its laundry and housekeeping factors are most important for maintaining its reputation. It requires extensive hard work and involves recurring expenditures that might be a toll on the hotel’s budget. Such situations call for outsourcing hotel laundry service that comes at an affordable rate. These services make use of highly advanced cleaning equipment and powders that retain the color of the hotel laundry.

With dobiQueen, now you can have your laundry picked up, cleaned and sent back to you all within the same day. That's right, same day laundry service for businesses!

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