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Zero Cost of Maintenance
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How it works

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Pay by Bag, Not by Weight

Fill it up & we'll wash everything in the bag

1 Bag 1 Machine. Separated

Bags are washed in separate machines.

Pick Up by 1pm. Get by 8pm

We're super fast so you can confidently plan your daily operations; even if it's last minute.

Door to Door Service

from your office back to your office.

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Laundry Service Business Outsourcing Solutions for University / College Student Accommodation

You have students that find it tough being away from their family for the first time in their lives. Academics itself is also a very stressful ordeal for many. Let your students focus on what is important and help them with their laundry.

The students can help themselves? Good. How about giving the students' parents a peace of mind? Many parents would worry whether their child can cope of the laundry as well. After all, the parents paid for top notch education for their children, let them have a peace of mind and leave all their laundry to us.

That's right, dobiQueen will handle it.

Here's the best part, we can pick up, clean the students' laundry and have them sent back all within the same day. That means, you as the university student accommodation operator can have provide clean laundry every single day. There is no need to wait for 2 working days. Order it by 1pm, we have it delivered back to your door by 8pm.

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