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Buy Back Guarantee

A worry free investment indeed! If you find yourself in a situation where you’re in need of cash, or simply because you spotted other investment opportunities, you can exit the business anytime. A LAUNDRY FRANCHISE with a BUY BACK GUARANTEE, assures you that it is an easy in and a worry free exit!

Open Strong, Stay Strong

From picking the best shop location to support in financing, we make sure you are prepared for a strong grand opening. We developed a promotional kit to introduce your self service laundry franchise to your regional market and get rooted in the minds of the surrounding neighbourhood. The people around the area won’t be able to help themselves but to tell each other about your coin laundry shop. Once your shop is up and running, our home office will support and work with you through thick and thin, to keep your sales on an upward trend.

Never A Better Opportunity

dobiQueen has been growing exponentially. Just under a year, we manage to have over 10 outlets operating in Klang Valley. We’re fuelled by the growing customers’ demand for a fast, easy and cost effective alternative laundry service. But most importantly, a cleaner and a consistently well kept high standards of laundry service. Seasoned entrepreneurs with a knack for building something special with us can capitalise on our march across Malaysia. Do you have what it takes?

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Laundry Franchise by the Numbers

Forecasted Annual Revenue:
RM 283,576

Forecasted COGS:

Forecasted Annual Cashflow:
RM 106,537

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About dobiQueen Franchise in Malaysia

dobiQueen is a premium self service laundry franchise Malaysia that aims to help millions of household to handle their laundry. Not merely handling household laundry, we aim to help them clean their laundry in a fast and efficient manner. By focusing on creating a great and comfortable ambience, we make dobiQueen THE go to place for families to spend quality time together and for friends to catch up while their laundries get done. All our laundry washing cycles come with FREE Dynamo Antibac detergent and Downy softeners, both brands are unrivaled in their respective industries.

Why join dobiQueen Franchise?

Joining the dobiQueen team gives you a great opportunity for you to own your first business. Any high spirited entrepreneur would find it challenging to start a business due to various risk factors. However, with proven track records of our very own laundry outlet, rest assured you are venturing into a business with very low risk. Furthermore, our franchise programme is built on simplicity and easy operations. Venturing into dobiQueen’s coin operated laundry franchise programme Malaysia can be a rewarding one as the country’s laundromat industry is expected to grow rapidly in the upcoming years.  The 24 hours coin operated laundry service industry is still at its infancy stage with lots of potential for growth; equipped with the right operational support, targeted marketing, development assistance, lease and rental negotiations, you get the added advantage for success.

Low Cost, High Returns Franchise Start Up Opportunity

To make sure the self service laundry franchise concept will be a profitable one, we operated all outlets on our own. Our entire outlet portfolio outperformed our expectations with an average 35% return on investment annually with an investment as low as RM 380,000*. And recent ROI for all our outlets have been improving further! It is then that we believe this business concept really works; the best thing is, we are sharing it with all of you via our franchise opportunity.