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How it works

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Pay by Bag, Not by Weight

Fill it up & we'll wash everything in the bag

1 Bag 1 Machine. Separated

Bags are washed in separate machines.

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We're super fast so you can confidently plan your daily operations; even if it's last minute.

Door to Door Service

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Laundry Service for Business

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Laundry Service Business Outsourcing Solutions for AirBnb, HomeStay Business.

Our on-demand laundry service for Airbnb / Home Stay businesses provides clean laundry for you exactly when you need it.

That's right. Order it by 1pm, get it back to your unit by 8pm. Same day!

Perfect turnaround time for the next guest!

Thankfully, hosts like you can set your own timeframe for cleaning your homes in between guests. Most people allow themselves around 4 hours, which is a perfect amount of time to thoroughly clean the entire unit with special attention to guest “pain spots.” These are the highly frequented areas guests are most likely to notice spots or dirt, such as the linens, towels, floors, and bathroom.

It’s best for a you to begin their cleaning with a load of laundry––ideally, with the linens and towels washed separately. We recommend starting with laundry because the cycles can run in the background while you start other areas of the house. If you wait to start laundry until the end of the cleaning, you and your staff will be sitting around waiting for laundry cycles to finish.

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