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Laundry Service Business Outsourcing Solutions for Gyms, Spinning Studios, Rock Climbing, Fitness Centres

Gyms as what we call it today is where people go to to get fit. The growling , the grinding and the pushing for physical health improvement is the theme here. Lots of sweats and towels are involved. If you want your gym to excel and be the best gym in town, make sure your team is busy pushing the gym members to their limits and not on the gym towels. Even if your gym members have seen extraordinary growth; your team is still at their best away from the laundry. Leave the gym towels to us.

That's right, dobiQueen will handle it.

Here's the best part, we can pick up, clean them gym towels and have them sent back all within the same day. That means, you as the gym operator can have clean towels every single day. There is no need to wait for 2 working days. Order it by 1pm, we have it delivered back to your door by 8pm.

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