Bag Size Guide

Prepare your laundry in bags

Good to know
Refer to the below measurements (you don’t need to be inch-perfect), and prepare your laundry in your own bags before sending it to us. Bag sizes are based on fit within machine load sizes of 8kg, 16kg, 32kg.
It’s important that you do not fold / squeeze your laundry within the bags as you might be causing an overload within a single machine. In case of overload, we will take a photo of your load within the machine and show it to you, and advice on an upgrade. Please note our recommendation is to make sure you get the best wash possible.

Small Bag

Fits 8KG machine
45cm x 45cm x 18cm
Equivalent to Ikea S size bag

Medium Bag

Fits 16kg Machine
35cm x 55cm x 37cm
Equivalent to Ikea M size bag

Large Bag

Fits 32kg Machine
30cm x 73cm x 35cm
Equivalent to Ikea L size bag
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