A List of Things to Do While Waiting for Your Laundry

While waiting in line at the grocery store or laundromat, people often get angry and glare at the person or thing causing the delay. However, there are ways to use this time productively. We've come up with the top five fun laundry waiting tips to help make the most of your waiting time.

Here are five things you can do while waiting in line:

1. Read a Book

Why not pick up that book or magazine you've been wanting to read? Reading can help you break from the sometimes anxious and angry world around you. You might even get some great ideas for new projects or learn how to do new things from what you read. So not only will you relax, but you'll also gain some useful knowledge. And by putting down your phone and picking up a book, you'll find yourself even more relaxed than you thought possible. So the next time you become anxious, just grab a magazine or book and drift away.

2. Listen to Music

Your favourite music can entirely transport you to another place where your worries and stressors vanish into thin air. Whether it's classical, rock, or hip-hop, close your eyes and let the melodies whisk you to a calmer state of mind. If you want to relax, add some scented lotion to the mix and give yourself a mini hand massage.

3. Run Errands

Don't put off doing things that you don't want to do during the week, and then try to cram them all into the weekend. This will make your weekends less enjoyable. Use some of your free time during the week to do things you normally save for the weekends. This will help you balance your week and make your weekends more enjoyable.

4. Learn a New Hobby

Do you plan to learn a new hobby or get more training for your job but feel you don't have enough time? Try using your next trip to the laundromat as an opportunity. You can take an online course or do your homework while you wait. Make your next trip to the laundromat more productive by using this time to learn something new or get extra training for your job. You might be surprised at how much you can get done in just a few hours!

5. Update with Family and Friends

Do you feel like you're not as close to your family and friends as you used to be? Do you only ever talk to them on Facebook? If so, try to make more of an effort to call them regularly. You can switch between different family members each week, but make sure to speak to all of them at least once a month. Even if the phone calls are short, they'll appreciate that you took the time to call them. In this day and age, when everything is digital, there's something special about hearing a human voice. And just like with exercising, something is better than nothing.


While waiting for your laundry to finish, you can do several things to occupy your time. You can catch up on some reading, listen to music, or even get started on another load of laundry. Whatever you choose, make sure you enjoy yourself and don't let the wait get to you.

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