Ways That Make Your Laundromat Trips Easier

If you do not have enough funds to purchase a washing machine, visiting a laundromat near you would be the safest option. However, making a trip to your nearest laundromat can be time-consuming as it involves bringing your used clothes out of your house. On the other hand, If you’re availing of laundry delivery services, you’d have to make sure everything is ready for pick-up, and not one dirty cloth is left behind.

Luckily, there are things you can do to make this chore easier to handle. This way, you avoid wasting your precious time and accidentally ruining your clothes during laundry day.

Make It a Practice to Sort Your Clothes Ahead of Time

Before making a trip to your nearest laundromat, ensure that you have already sorted out your laundry based on their fabric type and colour. This can help you save time and have more room at the laundromat because you'll be more organised and can begin loading the clothes immediately.

Inspect Washing Machines and Dryers before Using Them

Customers who came before you have used the washing machines and dryers. Ensure that they haven’t left anything behind, especially items that can damage your clothes. You can also bring an old rag and wipe down the washer or dryer to ensure there are no detergent and bleach residue left behind.

Try Using Detergent Pods

Although bringing your detergent can save you up on detergent costs, carrying a heavy bottle can make your trip to the laundromat harder than it is. Try swapping them with detergent pods. They’re easier to bring around, and only a few pods are enough to wash your garments.

Remove the Lint Trap from the Dryer

Using dryers strategically is one method to save money while using laundry services. If you want your clothes to dry faster, always clean out the lint traps from the dryer. In this way, you won’t have to worry about waiting for a long time before getting them dry.

Sniff for Any Traces of Bleach

If you want to save your dark clothes from possible disasters during washing, ensure that the detergent cup or bleach dispenser has no hint of used bleach. Try sniffing around for traces of bleach—it has a distinctly strong odour. This method prevents your garments from being damaged and the colour from fading.

Bring Everything You Need to the Laundromat

Your trip to the laundromat would not be possible without the essential things you need to bring, which are:

  • Detergent: Of course, your laundromat has an available coin-operated dispenser for detergents. However, a small amount can cost you more than bringing your container from home. You can also opt for laundry pods, as mentioned above.

  • Laundry Baskets: Avoid mixing your clothes with other people’s laundry by having your laundry basket. You can also use this item to separate your laundry based on its category.

  • Fabric Softener: Similar to detergents, laundromats also provide fabric softeners. However, if you have a preferred type, you should use your own.

  • Garment Bags: This bag stores your undergarments in one place to avoid stretched straps and damaged hooks. 

Make Laundry Day Easier

By following the tips above, you can make your trip to the laundromat easier and more straightforward. You’ll have a productive laundry day, and you’ll have more time to do the things you love.

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