Benefits of Giving Your Employees Laundry Services as a Perk

Working in the modern world is tough. Employees everywhere are looking for methods to simplify their routines and reclaim valuable free time due to demanding schedules and a rising desire for greater work-life balance. Could a workplace laundry service be the answer?

Aside from the obvious benefits to employees, including a laundry service as part of your employment package might be beneficial to your business as well. Complimentary dry cleaning may be a huge benefit for both the business and hospitality sectors (and not in the way you might think). Here are some of the advantages of providing a laundry service to your staff.

1. Make Your Job Offering More Competitive

A laundry service may not seem like a big deal to some employers, but, for many, offering dry cleaning or laundry services as part of your job benefits can make your business more competitive. It shows that your company cares about its employees and will do what it can to make the workplace environment more pleasant and convenient for them.

2. Professional Laundry Service Equals a Professional Appearance

When it comes to work wear, a professional-looking appearance is of the utmost importance. If your business is in the hospitality or corporate sector, it is a given that you expect a certain level of professionalism from your staff, and a laundry service is a sign of just that.

Employees will be more on-brand, with all staff sporting smart and appropriately dressed uniforms. Not only will this make your employees feel more confident, it will help them to make a better impression on customers and other employees.

3. Increases Employee Satisfaction

With more free time in their hands, employees who have access to a laundry service will be much happier in their jobs. With the pressure of finding time each week to run home and wash their work clothes, employees are free to just get on with their work or relax in their downtime.

4. Less Inventory Turnover of Work Uniforms

For hospitality businesses, offering a laundry service can mean less wear and tear on your uniforms. For employees, a laundry service means fewer time wasters and more time to focus on getting their jobs done. With less uniform turnover, your businesses will have to buy fewer new uniforms, saving you money.

5. Increase Workplace Productivity

Employees with access to a laundry & dry cleaning service are more likely to focus on delivering the best results in other areas of their job.

If they have the convenience of a professional laundry service, it means they have time to get on with work that directly benefits the company and its customers.

With fewer distractions and less time spent working on home chores, employees are more likely to deliver great work in all other areas of their job.


Providing a laundry service as part of your employment package is a great way to attract, and retain high-quality employees. And, for companies in the hospitality and corporate sectors, it can have a big impact on your bottom line too.

Your employees will be happier, more satisfied with their jobs, and more focused when at work, and your business will benefit too, with less employee turnover, fewer uniform replacements and, of course, less time taken up with laundry duties.

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