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Excellent service from booking a pick up through to the return of my laundry. Professional and efficient, I have been very impressed with this service. I was in an air BnB for three weeks with no washing machine and this really helped me out. I would definitely recommend them.

Adrianna Astle

A fully recommended laundry delivery service with 5 Star Rating. A simple booking, fast n responsible response with a cleaned laundry in reality is done perfectly by dobiQueen. Great !

Emyrial Emy

Fast and clean service. Easy to book online.

Kamariah Harun

Perfectly helpful! Very very helpful! Sangatlah recommended you! Water disruption, just book your dobiQueen, they will assist A to Z. I’ve experienced wash, dry and fold. Superb beb!

Hazwani Noor

Order process smooth, easy and flexible. Been using for few times, happy with them.

Katrina Ooi

Did the pick-up service and find it easy and convenient to deal with my clothes. Clothes came back folded and clean, smells good also. Best thing is I don’t need to do my own laundry and just sit at home they will send rider to your house to pick up!

Dennis Lee

Fragrant, fast, neat. Really worth the service and the price

Anis Amirah Aireen Tey

I like dobiQueen because fast and easy for booking.

Candices Ng

I really like how quick the same-day delivery is. Very convenient.

Scarlet Angeline

Have been using dobiQueen for 3 months, their charges is reasonable for the pick up and delivery service. Customer Service is super friendly too. I once went to their physical store, their staff always smiling and super helpful and patience in teaching me to use washing machine. Overall i would give 6.5 out of 5, yes it's more than 5!

Edison Thoo
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Questions & Answers

What is the Free Trial about? What kind of businesses are eligible?

Free trial service is given to new business customers only, this is to let you experience our service, and also for us to coordinate with you to ensure smooth operations in the future. Every business is entitled to only one free trial worth up to RM100.

What if my laundry load for free trial exceeds the credits given for the free trial?

You may use all the free credits (i.e. RM100) and the remaining balance can be paid via available online payments.

How do I place a pickup order from dobiQueen's website?

Follow the below steps to place your order:

  • Prepare your own laundry bags, place your laundry inside (Please do not compress or overflow your bag)
  • Select the relevant bag sizes (Small, Medium, Large) for different laundry loads. You can also choose the type of wash like Wash & Dry Only or Wash, Dry & Fold
  • Add to cart
  • Select time slot for pick-up
  • Make payment
  • Once your order & payment is confirmed, dobiQueen willaddress your order & contact you directly using WhatsApp to inform on the pickup We will also send you a tracking link to trace the pickup partner
How do I know if my laundry fits the Small / Medium / Large bag?

Bag sizes are based on the maximum volume load of a washing machine (eg: 8kg, 16kg,32kg). You can use the below measurements as a reference to prepare your laundry bag. Or visit our bag size guide page for more details.

However, please take note we do not recommend compressing or rolling your laundry into your laundry bag as it may cause overflowing of laundry based on the maximum volume load of a washing machine, which in turn may require an extra charge from your end.

What do I need to do after placing an order?

Please prepare your laundry bag, label it with your name, contact number & order number for our reference and pass it to our pickup partner once he/she arrives.

What if I order a specific size (S / M / L) but the laundry load is more than that? Will I be charged for the extra load?

If your laundry is larger than the order placed (this is measured against the washing machine load volume) our team will contact you for the next step. We will then send you a picture of your laundry load placed in the machine as reference, and once you agree to upgrade your order to the size that fits the right machine, our team will then process your order. Kindly note that we will recommend you the right laundry load per machine to give you the best wash possible.

What do you do after I pass my laundry to the pickup partner?

The pickup partner will send your laundry to the nearest, staffed dobiQueen store to be cleaned. Once it is cleaned, dobiQueen team will WhatsApp you to inform you on the delivery of the clean laundry back to you, you will then get a tracking link to track your laundry’s journey.

Do you provide stain removal service?

Our wash does help in removing normal or basic stains easily. However, as of now we have yet to provide heavy stain removal services for cases like:

  • Heavy stains
  • Blood stains
  • Permanent ink
  • Cosmetic stains
  • Chemical stains

What kind of laundry you do not recommend to me send?

We don’t recommend you sending in laundry that needs heavy treatment such as:

  • Urine / Faeces stained laundry
  • Musty (Bau hapak) laundry
  • Shoes
  • Blackout Curtains
  • Carpets
Do you provide Dry Cleaning Service or Ironing Service?

For now, we do not provide dry cleaning or ironing services but we will keep in mind to explore possibilities to offer such services in the future.

What options do I have for pickup & delivery and the cost?

There are different types of pickup & delivery service that we provide:

  • Express Delivery (Same day for pickups before 12.30pm. Else next day)
  • Express Delivery + Door to Door (Same day for pickups before 12.30pm. Else next day)
  • Standard Delivery (2 days)
  • Standard Delivery + Door to Door (2 days)

Express Delivery

For pickup slots order before 12.30pm, you will get your laundry returned on the same day, subjected to traffic situations. If you place your order after 12.30pm, you will get back your laundry by the next day.

Note: The above may not be applicable to large orders & the team will contact you directly to advise on a specific delivery time.

Express Delivery will be charged a flat price of RM20 for areas within dobiQueen’s coverage.

Standard Delivery

You will get your laundry back within 2 days.

For example: If you place your order on Monday, you will get your laundry back by Wednesday.

Standard Delivery (2 Days) will be charged a flat price of RM15 for areas within dobiQueen’s coverage.

Door to Door (Add-on)

There is an add-on option where you can opt for Door to Door Service where our pickup & delivery partner will arrive at your unit’s doorstep to collect / deliver your laundry.

There will be additional charges of total RM12 on top of delivery charges:

  • RM6 is for door-to-door pickup
  • RM6 is for door-to-door delivery

How do I apply my purchased prepaid credit upon checkout?

You will need to first log in to your dobiQueen Business account at and then add the desired bag sizes and quantities to your cart. Thereafter, you will be able to see a Credit section before checkout. Once you click the ‘Apply’ button, your total payable amount will be deducted from your prepaid credit.

Important: The credit section will not be reflected in the checkout section if you are not logged in to your dobiQueen Business account.

Sample below with credit section reflected:

What if my prepaid credit balance is lower than the order amount?

You may apply the remaining credit and proceed with paying the remaining balance via the online payment of your choice.

What if my credit balance is lower than the order amount?

You may apply the remaining credit and proceed with paying the remaining balance via available online payments.

Why is the credit not reflected in my account after successful purchase of Business Top-Up Package?

The process to get the credit reflected in the account might varies between 15mins to 1 hour on working days. Kindly refresh your page and if the issue persists, please contact our team at +017-8896640.

How long would the credit purchased valid for?

Credit validity is one year from the purchase date.

Is the credit purchased available for refunds?

Credit purchased from dobiQueen is final and non-refundable.

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