Why are we franchising?

Solving a Big Problem of everyday life through Franchising

Dealing with everyday laundry is not an easy task. Ask the person whoever does the laundry, they will tell you how much of a headache it is.

On average every family spend 3 hours every week doing their laundry, this is largely because it takes approximately 45 minutes to wash their clothes, 30 minutes to hang them dry, another 30 minutes to take them down and finally another 75 minutes to iron them.

By using a self service laundry franchise, we help these families to reduce the time required to clean their laundry to just under 1 hour, saving approximately 70% of the time needed. Put simply, we help families cope with laundry by saving 2 hours of hard work on a weekly basis, 8 hours monthly and 96 hours annually.

Just stop and think of how much time is wasted on laundry when you could be spending your precious time with your beloved family and friends instead!

“…we help these families to reduce the time required to clean their laundry to just under 1 hour, saving approximately 70% of time needed”

The Launderette Business Model Works

We strongly believe in this business model. Quite simply, it is because it works! After witnessing the financial performance of our first outlet, we continued to open an additional 5 outlets within the first year of operations.

At present, all our outlets are operating at an average annual return of 33-35%. It is with these incredible results that it has become evident to us that this business model works. Ultimately, it has given us the confidence to open up our business to mass market franchising.

Covering a Large Area

We eagerly want to help families and individuals to handle their weekly laundry, however, with financial limitations; we will not be able to accelerate our cause in an effective manner.

With the recruitment of supportive franchisees, we can bring dobiQueen to the next level of development and pursue our cause, as a team, in helping families to reduce their time spent on handling laundry in a more rapid pace.

.... More importantly, we would like to share.

Good things in the world must be shared! Investments with good returns are hard to come by these days and earning passive income has become important today than it was before.

We believe through franchising dobiQueen, we can share and open up an alternative channel for passive income where everyone can sit back, relax and enjoy a steady flow of income.