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Easy, Clean & Perfume Freshness!

If we break our promise(s), your wash is free!

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Hello SD Residence! Up to 50% OFF Pick-up Laundry!

First 300 Washes Only

Prices from RM12/bag

Voucher Code for 50% off: SDRES50

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11.30am - 12.00pm Collection | Delivery 7pm

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How it works

in a nutshell

Pay by Bag, Not by Weight

Fill it up & we'll wash everything in the bag

1 Bag 1 Machine. Separated

Bags are washed in separate machines.

Large items? Same price.

Same price for large items.

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How we charge

from RM12/bag

from RM16/bag

from RM18/bag

We Prefer Cashless

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What People Say About Us

“Did the pick-up service and find it easy and convenient to deal with my clothes. Clothes came back folded and clean, smells good also. Best thing is I don’t need to do my own laundry and just sit at home  they will send rider to your house to pick up.”

Pick Up Service Customer

“Sangat membantu bagi golongan bekerja atau sesiapa sahaja yang mempunyai pakaian banyak untuk dicuci. Admin W/app sangat membantu, servis laju dan tidak perlu risau soal keselamatan kerana details staff akan diberitahu ketika ambil dan pulang. ”

Self Service Customer

“I like the fact that DobiQueen is:
1. Very clean and spacious; 2. Area is well lit and bright; 3. Good response from Customer Service via message/email addressing customers concern/suggestion/good observation; 4. Staff at DobiQueen are friendly and always giving helping hand to customers; 5. The best is they always put up smiling faces to customers.”

Self Service Customer
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Unsure what to wash?

Here are some suggestions


Comforters (or “Toto”), bed sheets, pillow cases, blankets.

Daily, work, home wear

T-shirts, shirts, trousers, shorts, blouse, skirts, socks…… well, pretty much anything that you wear!

Curtains, cushions covers

Regular canvas curtains, cushion cover, dining matts and etc.

Soft toys

Soft toys can be washed but please check that the threads are still strong. Old soft toys are not recommended to be sent in for washing. We might not be able to return it in one piece =(

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SD Residence Laundry Pick Up Service

SD Residence @ Selayang is becoming a sort after residential building for its convenience and ease of access to various public transportation hubs and public amenities, as well as being within close proximity to the city centre. Selayang is undergoing moderate yet rapid development, notably real properties for residential and commercial. It is located at Selayang, which is a mature neighbourhood with plenty to offer.

SD Residence is easily accessible. Train stations near the location are the Batu Caves station, Taman Wahyu station and Kampung Batu Station. Bus stops within the area are Masjid Al Zakiran and Dewan Serbaguna Taman Desa Bakti Selayang

Introducing dobiQueen laundry pick up service near SD Residence @ KL North Selayang, Batu Caves. dobiQueen now joins the list of amenities and provides laundry delivery services to the residences in the building. Amongst the daily chores such as home cleaning, tidying, cleaning the car; daily laundry definitely ranks in the top 5 most tedious chores. It is applicable regardless where one is from. dobiQueen aims to ease the people’s burden through laundry and we do it one building at a time.

Amenities of all sorts are sprinkled around LakePark Residence @ KL North as well. Located close to home is Taman Botanic FRIM, the Selayang Mall and the Selayang Hospital. Within this area is the 24-hour NSK supermarket and the Selayang Lama wet market. With the central location of LakePark Residence @ KL North, residents will also be only 20 minutes away from the Kuala Lumpur City Centre.

Laundry Service Near SD Residence Selayang, Batu Caves

SD Residence is a modern condominium development located in Selayang, Batu Caves. A beautifully planned project, the development appeals to the urban families’ taste through its environment that encourages family unity and harmony.

SD Residence is a desirable place to live considering the number of stores nearby, making it easy for residents to get their day-to-day shopping done. There are a few grocery stores in the area, such as S&S Fresh Mart, Bombay Mini Mart, and 7-Eleven. nearby malls include the Selayang Mall and AEON Mall Metro Prima.

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