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bathroom towels

Why should I wash bathroom towels?

Did you know that every time you use your dry towel to wipe off your body, it also scrape off dead skin cells. With all those dead skin cells collected on the fibers of your towels, without doubt the towel will get dirtier in times. Plus, wet towels attract the growth of bacteria and mold.

Washing towels once every week is recommended to maintain good hygiene and freshness of the fabric itself. A properly cleaned towels will stay free from mildew for longer time, saving you money to buy a new one.

towel mildew

How often should I wash my towels?

Depending on your location, if you live in a damp climate where mildew growth rapidly, you should wash your towels every few days. However, it is recommended to wash used towels once per week. Towels get dirtier faster when you use them more than once per day.

towels wash

So how do I wash them?

The best way to wash your bathroom towels is to wash them on at least a warm water setting. If your towels have a light or white color, use hot water. Else if they have a dark color, use warm water instead, as hot water can make them bleed.

If possible, make sure to separate the towels with clothing as towels have tendency to absorb color of other fabrics. Also, by separating towels from clothing will prevent your clothing from being exposed to stains or bacteria.

Make sure you’re not using too much detergent while washing. More detergent does not means better for the towels. In fact, it can make your towels feeling more rough and scratchy. Furthermore, excess detergent can breed bacteria over time.

towel hanging

How should I dry my towels?

Just hang the towels up to dry. It is important to hang it up in an area with good air flow, away from moisture or steam. Spread it up so that each part of the towel can dry evenly. Never hang one damp towel over another, each of them needs to be expose fully to air for proper drying.