Self Service Laundry

At dobiQueen, we focus on bringing you the best self service laundry in Malaysia and the way we do this is with the use of ELECTROLUX Professional industrial laundry machines at all our coin laundry outlets. dobiQueen focuses entirely on bringing the cleanest self service laundry machines to you so you can bask in a hassle free laundry experience. With dobiQueen, gone are the days where you have to worried of the weather, whether anyone will be home to take down your laundry. You can avoid the cloudy skies too and make sure your laundry can be cleaned efficient and dried properly as well. Gone are the days where you have to dry your laundry using nothing but the ceiling fan on rainy days. If you are short on time or in a rush, for just RM8, you can simply hand over your laundry to our dobiQueen outlet assistant to shift your laundry from the washer to the tumble dryer and once your laundry are dried, our assistant will fold them nicely for your collection later on. We pay utmost focus on bringing you a hassle free laundry cleaning experience and above all, a more cost effective alternative to have your laundry cleaned. Cleaner and Fresher laundry is what we promise to bring you.


Standard home washers and tumble dryers costs about RM2 per kg (just about the weight of a pair of jeans) and very often they are not capable of washing effectively. At dobiQueen you can enjoy a cost effective, faster and cleaner laundry cleaning experience for just RM0.80 per kg. You can save up to 60% on your utility bills by cleaning your laundry at a self service laundry like dobiQueen. On top of that, drying your laundry at dobiQueen can let you skip the hassle of ironing your clothes too!


dobiQueen’s ELECTROLUX industrial washing machines can clean your laundry using just half the amount of time you normally need from regular home washing machines. Furthermore, the super spinning technologies of the industrial washers also allow the washers to clean your laundry more effectively, removing as much stain and dirt as possible. dobiQueen’s ELECTROLUX industrial dryers work similarly thanks to effective water evaporation technologies that yields shorter processing time.


Cost effectiveness and speed often lead to lower quality end products, but not for dobiQueen’s ELECTROLUX industrial laundry machines. At dobiQueen, be rest assured that our ELECTROLUX Professional laundry machines can handle your heavily soiled laundry and deliver you the cleanest laundry!