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Easiest way to dry up your clothes is by using the laundry dryer machine, but it is not always as simple as you thought it could be.

Learn about what kind of dryer mistakes that people make and how to overcome the problem.

Mistake #1 Overloading The Dryer


“Just drag everything from your washer into the machine lah..”

YES, you are advised to use dryer at full loads instead of drying only few clothes. BUT, be mindful that not to overload your dryer.

Always bear in mind to not overloading the dryer with extra loads, you might damage the dryer belt. Plus, too many clothes will make the whole drying process slower and might induce more wrinkles.

Mistake #2 Mixing Wet Clothing With Partially Dry Load

wet and dry clothes

“Aiyo, this shirt is still wet. Oh well, dry in one go also can ah”

This is a BIG NO, since mixing wet clothes with a partially dry load can confuse the moisture detector, resulting in over and under dried clothes.

Separate both of them before drying with the dryer, or you can also hang the wet clothes till it partially dry and dry them together in one go.

Mistake #3 Dump Clothes Straight Away From Washer Into Dryer

shake clothes

“I’m gonna pull out this lumps of wet clothing directly into dryer, easy”

It might seems a bit time consuming, but shaking out your garments as you draw them from the washer can help avert wrinkles and reduce the drying time.

Doing this will prevent them from staying in a wet ball, and you’ll be far less likely to end up with wet or damp clothes at the end of your laundry cycle.

Mistake #4 Keeping The Dryer Door Open

heat came out

“Just let it open, I’m going to put the next load after this”

AVOID doing this. Every time the door is opened, you’re letting out hot air to escapes which will increase time to the drying cycle.

To avoid heat loss, put the next load in before the dryer cools from the first load. That way the dryer does not have to heat back up again.

Mistake #5 Over Drying Clothes

take out and shake

“I’m gonna let the laundry dry inside the machine, will take them out later”

In order to avoid wrinkles, take out your clothes as soon as the drying process finished. Give them a shake, and fold or hang them up to avoid wrinkles.

Over-drying your clothes also sets in wrinkles and stiffen fabrics. Avoid doing it by setting the drying cycle to automatic so that the dryer will automatically turn off after its done.