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Mistake 1: Using Too Much Detergent

Using Too Much Detergent

“Add more! Pour till the cap is full! Make more foam, then will be cleaner mah…”

One of the most common laundry mistakes is that we use more detergent than we are supposed to, brands such as, Dynamo, normally requires very little. Why? Cause Dynamo focuses on providing compact sized detergents to save space for better home storage. So all that is required is possibly just a quarter of what we are using on a daily basis. Yet, it has always become more of a habit to simply add more than what is required or simply follow the size of the bottle cap (huge wastage, we’re talking about 50% wastage and it really doesn’t serve you much purpose other than requiring you to go for an extra rinse in your washing machine, so the more the better? No, not really).

Here’s a few recommendations for the amount of detergent you should use (for every 9kg) for some of the popular detergents in the market:

a. Softlan – Half a cap

b. Breeze – Half a cap

c. Dynamo – Quarter of a cap

d. Top – Half a cap

Mistake 2: Not Zipping The Zippers All The Way

Laundry Mistake 2
“Just dump it in the washing machine… it’ll be okay”

No, not okay. It’s a bad idea.

Simply dumping in your jeans, jackets or anything with a zipper for that matter without turning it inside out is just not helping you to have a better wash. Mistakes like not zipping up your trousers or jeans is just going to make things worse. Just imagine having one of the threads in your towel getting hooked on to the teeth of your zip, when that happens you can just bid bye bye to your favourite towel!

Mistake 3: Washing Shirts All Buttoned Up

Laundry Mistake 3

Guys…. if you don’t wish to spend hours sewing your buttons back on, unbotton your shirt then dump into the machine. Don’t just unbotton the top two buttons.

Mistake 4: Tossing Socks in As You Please

Laundry Mistake 4

Where is my other sock?!!

Ladies and gents, please invest in a washing tub so you don’t spoil your mood for the weekend. This will actually be really helpful especially during peak periods at self service laundries, if that one sock got left behind, you can bid your other sock bye bye.

On a creative note, now you can wear different socks on each side, who says socks must always be worn in pairs? This makes us wonder if this laundry mistake is actually a mistake after all!

Mistake 5: Brushing Stains Furiously 

Laundry Mistake 5

Yes, you need that stubborn stain off your favourite dress, yes it is urgent, yes you need it now. Yes you need it quick but the harder your brush it ain’t going to do the job.

This is a perfect scenario depicting working smart is always better than working hard. Often times you just end up spoiling your own clothes and that follows with an…. “Ouch” or “What the ****”.

Avoid this laundry mistake by putting whatever cleaning detergent you have in mind on the stain and leave it for a few good minutes. There’s really only so much your hands can do, so let the detergents do their job and give them time to do so. Let the “chemical reaction” begin and lightly brush the stain when you are about to rinse the spot. That added brushing will with the removal of the stain but again, don’t brush it too hard.